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Pastor Lee and Sue Bennett
Lee and Sue Bennett, Senior Pastors
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Pastor Lee’s Story


I met Jesus when I was six years old at a Good News Club in our neighborhood. I grew up in a Baptist church which was like a second family to me.

From the time I was 16 I felt called to the ministry. In high school I was involved with Youth for Christ, and in college I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ. In my sophomore year of college I met my bride on a blind date through a high school friend.

We found out that first date that we were born on the same day and year! We got married during my junior year on May 1st, 1965, and after graduation from college joined Campus Crusade for Christ. I was licensed by Broadway Baptist Church in Santa Ana, my home church, and we set out for Arrowhead Springs in the San Bernardino Mountains. We spent three exciting years on campus staff. We had our first two children during those years. They were  born two years apart, on December 22nd!

After three years with Campus Crusade, we settled in Southern California where I worked in the medical field as a salesman and began attending Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. It was a miraculous time for us. The “Jesus Movement” was in full swing, and we were thrilled to be part of it.  I was ordained by Calvary Chapel on my birthday in 1972, and spent five years as a lay pastor there and then five years with Chuck Smith Jr. at a church plant in Dana Point, California. During those years, our second “set” of children was born. One on December 23rd, and the last one on December 31st, 1976! All four of our children were due on December 22nd.

In the fall of 1979, Calvary Chapel: Dana Point sent us out to start a church in Washington State. There were ten couples meeting in a home fellowship east of Seattle in Woodinville who asked us to come and plant a church. We traveled to the Northwest to see what God might have for us there. We were very well received and in October of 1979 moved our family of four children to Washington State. We had been raised in Southern California, so this was quite a big change for us. We were up for the adventure and piled the kids in the van and took off for Woodinville.  It has been almost 34 years since those early beginnings. 

In 1984 we joined the Vineyard movement and I served on the Board of Directors and oversaw the Northwest and Hawaii. These were very powerful times for us and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic movement. In the fall of 1993 we became Northwest Community Church. We are located in Bothell just across the freeway from Cascadia/University of Washington Campuses. This November will mark our 34th year as a church, and we thank God every day that He has given us the opportunities here in the Northwest to serve Him.


Sue’s Story


I grew up in a Christian home.  I attended Bob Jones Academy during high school, and after graduation went to Biola College in La Mirada, California.  In 1965 I married my husband. We will celebrate 49 years this May 1st. While also involved with the church, I worked for the Northshore Senior Center in Bothell. In 1980 I helped pioneer The Lifetime Fitness Program that thrives today all across the state of Washington and beyond. I taught the aerobics classes and the weight training for 20 years and retired in the summer of 2000. I   love Seniors and today I still maintain a  sort of “calling” to them.

One summer my husband and I attended a Pastor’s conference. I remember I wore a t-shirt that said, “Before I was a pastor’s wife, I was a person.” I’m a little quirky that way and don’t mind making a statement. I’m happy to say that I am a pastor’s wife and that I am a person, too! I have my husband and church family to thank for that. I have been blessed with many friends over the years that have allowed me to be me. I love being a pastor’s wife, and while my path has had its challenges, God has been gracious to help me find out who I am, what I want, and what I was made for. I truly believe that I am exactly where God wants me to be. My husband and I have never wavered from that original call years ago. This fall we will celebrate 34 years of serving here in the Northwest. I was fortunate to find my dream home in 1980, and we have raised our children and some of the grandchildren here over the years.

I am blessed with four adult children who make me proud, and nine grandchildren who continually delight me. God has been good. He makes me smile!

Today, my husband and I rattle around in this big old house, but we have many memories that will be here with us always.  

We reside in Woodinville, Washington.