Our Heritage

We are inseparably joined to God; we are the Father’s cherished children and family.  Our place in His kingdom is rooted in the early church and church reborn.
Since the church began at Pentecost, it has been a dynamic expression of God’s family on the earth.  It has taken many forms throughout the centuries but always with the purpose of glorifying God.  It has often been less than holy, but it has always survived to give birth to a new generation, which frequently overcame the most obvious failures of the previous one.
The church took on a formal structure and tradition during the early centuries.  This has been a source of tension throughout church history, and there have been those who took a different course that made them outcasts.  Our country was initially colonized by some of these groups.
In the last third of the twentieth century, a new breed of churches was birthed along this centuries-old line.  Out of the Protestant mainline denominations, evangelical denominations and Pentecostal denominations, there has emerged a church that embraces a more organic approach to church life, which is now the fastest-growing segment of the church in the United States.
These churches are non-denominational, embrace a strong Bible-based and practical theology, they are evangelical and their church life is less traditional; their music and culture are contemporary.  They desire and are poised to be the blessing of the Father to this generation, now, where they are.
We are one of those churches.  We came out of the Calvary Chapel / Vineyard movement of the seventies.  The church began in Bothell in the fall of 1979 as an independent, non-denominational, Spirit-filled family of believers.  Ten couples, meeting in a home group sponsored by Calvary Fellowship, wanted to start a church.  Through God-directed circumstances this group became what is now known as Northwest Community Church.
The Father’s passion for His Son Jesus, and for us, His children–His family–has transformed our understanding of Him and changed us.  As God’s beloved, we find our passion is the same as His; to be one with Him, one with each other, and to bring all who are lost or scattered into this oneness.