Our Culture

Culture is defined as “shared values, attitudes, goals and practices within a specific group or community.” Culture helps us eliminate ambiguity and clarifies who we are compared to the rest of the church communities.
NCC’s culture can be defined most simply by the use of 5 distinctives:
Our core VALUE is The Fatherheart of God
  • The Fatherheart of God is discovered in the unconditional love of the Father expressed in grace, mercy, forgiveness and acceptance for all His children. We come to know God as Father by receiving the Father’s love in Christ.
Our core ATTITUDE is Humility
  • Seeking humility is expressed in a meek, teachable, respectful and generous servant’s heart
Our core OBJECTIVE is Righteousness
  • Righteousness is a right relationship with God, ourselves and others characterized by love. Our objective is expressed in reaching and equipping every church family member with the message of their God-given identity and call, and to release and encourage them to pursue that objective through a personal and growing relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Our core PRACTICE is Worship
  • We worship best when we focus on reaching up to God, reaching in to The Word, reaching into the Church, and reaching out to our world.
Our core RESOURCE is Grace
  • Grace is defined as a blessing received, though not earned, deserved and cannot be paid back. It is also our primary motivating force, empowering us to live our lives for His glory, and foundation to all we do at NCC.

Our Mission

  • To humbly receive God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • To grow in all aspects of that love.
  • To joyfully give that love away to everyone with no strings attached.
  • To gently help people find their way into a real relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.