A Beautiful Story comes to a close.
Change: It includes Genesis. Growth. Maturity. Attrition. Passage.
Every good story goes through phases.  Great phases, phases of sorrow, phases of incredible passion, phases of expansion, contraction, reaching, shrinking, and then finally, passing away.
No human being is immune to dying.  The same is true for organizations.  The same is true for churches.  And, sadly, the same has now become true for NCC.
Family and friends, both past and present, the NCC chapter is coming to a close, with great pain, tears, sadness, and, thankfully, peace and blessing.  It has been close to two generations of a church family that has given back to its community, served faithfully, prayed, worshipped together, ate together, journeyed together, missioned together, worked, slaved, and fellowshipped with great passion and love.
For the past few years we’ve seen our church body contract, and putting it quite simply, the money is simply not there anymore.  If God wanted to do a miraculous thing and provide a benefactor or donor who wanted to give a miracle, He could have.  But that is not what has come to pass.  Instead, we’ve run out of resources to continue NCC as we know it at our home facility in Bothell.  And that’s ok.  And we’re ok.
We believe The Father’s heart for us now is to celebrate a life well lived.  And we do that, with a tremendous sense of peace, having wrestled with, argued, pleaded, prayed for, and now, finally, being peacefully resigned to this passage.  It’s our intention as a body to focus on celebrating. It’s our intention to give NCC a “good death.”
To that end, we have an agenda before us!
We’ll be having our regular church services through the end of February.  These will include, as is NCC’s style, a few special events, namely the comedy night with Kermet Apio and Duane Goad scheduled for January 27th (please come to this, it’s FREE!), special morning worship sessions, and great teaching.   As of March 1st, NCC will be closed, and we will continue to finalize our rental relationship there.
In tandem with this, the NCC staff is diligently handling all administrative responsibilities associated with closing out our space that we’ve come to personalize and call our church home for so long.  We are going to be quite busy and charged with a lot to do – if you’d like to help with any of this, it would be most welcome!  Please email rgraves@northwest.org if you’d like to help in some way with the phase-out.
We’ll be having a Celebration Service on Sunday, February 10th at NCC.   Please spread the word.  Go tell it on the mountain.  Invite people to come.  We’ll have a potluck afterwards (in the continuing spirit of the best potlucks on the planet!), special speakers, testimonials, special music, and of course, you.  Please post this on Facebook and elsewhere as you see fit.
Most importantly, remember: we are losing a building, but not our church family.  The Bible instructs us to not forsake the fellowship of Believers.  Keep in touch through email.  Join the NCC Meetup at www.nccmeetup.org and be kept up to date on potlucks, bowling nights, Alpha series, get-togethers, Bible studies, and most importantly: the business of being a family…everything that NCC has been great at for 39 years.
We love you.  We are so grateful for you as our family.  We are not going anywhere…we are just experiencing the biggest change NCC has experienced to date, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of fellowship or church family.  That is something that has no physical boundaries and goes on forever.
Don’t forget to join the NCC Meetup at www.nccmeetup.org!
In Christ,
Pastor Lee & NCC Staff