Camas 2k16: Saturday Morning Update

Last night we had a great time. We had a session with our speaker, Andrew Masters, talking about our theme, which is Encountering Truth. Andrew asked the questions: why do we all seek truth and what are some of the fundamental things we believe in? We sang some worship songs and split up into small groups.
After the session, the high school students went up to the tube hill and had a bonfire. The middle school students had an awesome dance party with black lights and fun games. It was great!
We all went to bed pretty easily, thankfully. 🙂 It’s around 8:00 now, and everyone is slowly waking up. We’re kicking everyone out of bed at about 9:00 for breakfast and another session. There is TONS of snow up here—way more than we’ve had in years. 
Camas 2k16 Sunrise
We’re really excited about all the games we’ll be able to do today, both outside and inside. Everyone’s safe and things are going very well. Thank you so much for your prayers! If you need to contact us, leave a message on the retreat hotline (206.335.1917) or call the camp phone if it’s an emergency.