Camas 2k16: Late-night Saturday Update

It’s about 11:00pm here at Camas Meadows. We had an awesome evening session tonight. We started around 7:30 with a really powerful worship session. Everyone was very aware of God’s presence. Everyone really got into it and you could see all the students were really affected by it.

Andrew spoke again with a great message. He focused this time on the story of David and Goliath and specifically emphasized the fear of King Saul in contrast with the confidence of David because of David’s faith in God. He talked more about fear and how it is a barrier to encountering God in a powerful way.

Andrew shared some of his testimony and led a prayer for those who wanted to give their life over to God completely. Erin and Michael both spoke as well and prayed for those who are facing significant fears in their lives.

The session ended at about 9:30 and since then we’ve been eating dessert, playing more board games and foosball and hanging out. We’ll be having lights out around midnight.

Thank you again for your prayers and we’ll give another update in the morning!